The REO Agent Blueprint 2018 is the most powerful Real Estate (REO) Agent information, education, and transformation blueprint on the internet today.


The tools and information being offered on this site are the culmination of hundreds of hours of research and thousands of dollars spent in locating the most influential decision makers (Asset Managers) in the REO industry today.


The REO Agent Blueprint 2018 is the ultimate blueprint to efficiently and effectively gain direct access Asset Managers and key REO Industry decision makers across the country. This website contains ground breaking tools and techniques that until now have never been shared.


We have developed and tested the most effective strategies and techniques for obtaining REO listings in 2018 and am now sharing those today with the real estate world.



too late 

ABSOLUTELY NOT!....It is forecast that 2018/2019 will be the biggest year FOR REO listings since 2009! Contrary to popular belief, banks continue to hire agents in all US locations . There has been a recent wave of new servicers that have entered the game who have just started actively recruiting and hiring agents.


For the first time ever you will have the opportunity to get INSTANT access to the same Asset Manager DIRECT CONTACT METHOD that launched the career of one of the most successful REO agents. This has never been made available to the real estate agent community...until NOW.














After 2 years+ of extensive and thorough research we introduce to you the ASSET MANAGER GOLD LIST.


Make no mistake….. this list is unlike any other list that you may have seen or purchased on the internet. These sites pedal worthless Bank and Asset manager information that can be found on any internet search if you look hard enough. What we are offering has NEVER been made available to Real Estate Agents and Brokers………..UNTIL NOW.


The NATIONAL ASSET MANAGER GOLD LIST gives you the names of the top most influential Bank Managers and REO Company Asset Managers across the United States . These are the Asset Managers who are directly responsible  for liquidating Bank assets through agents listing referrals.




The National Asset Manager Gold List gives you:

  • The Asset Managers First and Last name as well as the company they represent
  • The Asset Managers unlisted company phone number and direct private extension
  • The Asset Managers unlisted personal company email address


This list was built from our personal business contacts as well as from other top producing REO agents across the nation whom we met at REO events and “traded” information with.


We took the attendance roster for every major REO industry event that we attended and retained a “ people finder” investigation service to assist us in finding these Asset Managers “work contact” information.


While this wasn't cheap, it most certainly proved to be one of the most effective techniques ever employed to yield rock solid insider REO executive contact information.


We can't tell you how instrumental this list has been for growing our REO business from “struggling just to get one REO listing” to a major “REO listing powerhouse”.


The asset manager gold list is by far the most complete and definitive guide of asset managers and bank REO agent recruiters ever assembled.


If your County or surrounding cities contain any REO listings you will most certainly find the asset manager that represents that property on this list….. It's that powerful.


So what you think a list like this would be worth to you? Recently we located a website that was charging between $275-$500 for just one name! And somebody probably paid it realizing that if you get one lucky break that your life as you know it will be change forever. But you will get this list for only a small fraction of the cost.









Included in your package is The Custom Designed REO BLUEPRINT RESUME TEMPLATE.


It is absolutely crucial that you  have  a spectacular resume that clearly sets you apart.


Well the REO BLUEPRINT RESUME TEMPLATE was designed with two thoughts in mind…..


BLOW AWAY ASSET MANAGERS and Blow Away Your competition!





This simple to use- Fully Automated 4 PAGE COLOR - Fill In The Blank -custom resume maker delivers the professional image and polished look that’s so vital for being noticed in this business.



THE REO AGENT BLUEPRINT RESUME TEMPLATE gives you a resume that has already been cleverly written for you!  You will get a resume that’s chalk full  of important Real Estate Agent  key words and phrases that you will decide to keep/modify/or delete to fit your current situation.


This exact same resume prototype has already proven to be instrumental in launching  REO careers  as well as quick income BPO’s (See Testimonials).


But what if you want to do this yourself?


To PROFESSIONALLY write and design a stunning resume you are looking at minimally :


$200+ Graphics Designer : to organize the layout, and structure

$300+ Copy Writer : To put together the information you give them



Now the answer to the million dollar question…..What if I have little to no REO experience to put on my resume?


Our reply to you is…..  ”IT DOES NOT MATTER.”….. How do we know this?….. We have a revelation for you. Every single REO listing agent that has ever listed a REO property had to start somewhere. Let your "somewhere" start here!





BUT THAT'S NOT ALL....You also get


You will get the exact contact methods and frequency of delivery that we implemented to get our first listing in a simple easy to understand daily calendar format.


We explain EXACTLY how to approach these asset managers by Phone, E-mail, and Fax and give you sample scripts that work and have already proven successful (See testimonials).


These are techniques we have personally used to get business and I will teach you my techniques and methods to bring you massive results in this business.


For those who may be a little shy, we have also created an e-mail drip system that is a literal REO listing magnet for

those that execute the easy to follow plan.



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This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a New National Asset Management company that’s currently recruiting REO agents across the country.


If you have been tempted to buy a membership to one of the many sites that charges a monthly fee and claims “Asset managers regularly search their site for agents to GIVE away REO listings”…DON’T BELIEVE IT! We sunk $1000’s of dollars in fees on these sights and NEVER received even ONE listing!  DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THESE KINDS OF SITES.




At no cost we are going to give you access to an  “invitation only” opportunity to an exclusive asset management company www.platinumreos.com that’s currently being marketed to asset managers today.


Were not going to promise you listings, but we are going to say that this is a ground floor opportunity to be part of something special.


You will be given the opportunity to become an exclusive listing agent in your territory and county.


SPACE IS LIMITED and this BONUS offer will be immediately removed from this website once these positions have been filled.


So now you will be get INSTANT ACCESS to the following  :


  • The National Asset Manager Gold List
  • The REO Agent Resume Template
  • The 90 Day Action Plan... AND
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You will get INSTANT ACCESS to all (4) Items


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There are no ongoing payments, no monthly fees, no percentages paid on the REO listings you receive.



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